Experience Pedicure Therapy

Getting a pedicure is the best pampering treatment for your feet. Come to experience our incredible pedicure services.

Our pedicure usually starts with removing former nail polish and sanitizing the feet. Then, feet soak in a bubbling softening substance and lotion is applied. Dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are rubbed off using a rough stone. Cuticle cream helps push cuticle down. Nails are trimmed and filed to the desire length and shape.

Nothing says perfectly-groomed better than beautiful skin, meticulous cuticles and the healthiest nails.

Our Pedicures


Signature Hot Stone Pedicure


Pamper yourself with a hot-stone massage rub that eases away the tension and stress complete with a 15-minute therapeutic massage along with the compliments of our signature pedicure.


Gorgeous Pedicure


Enjoy our gorgeous spa pedicure that includes an aroma soap foot bath, coupled with paraffin treatment, thermal masking, callus exfoliation and an exotic mineral foot scrub. Additionally, a soy-based wax is applied to your hands and arms for a wonderful calm soothing sensation with an exquisite smell.

This treatment will be made complete with a relaxing neck and hand massage and optional toe waxing.